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Treatments only with medicinal herbs.

Stroka's family recipe is our key to success. For more than a century, thousands of people were healped from it. This original recipe is a wise mixture of alternative and modern medicine.

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Skin cancer treatments are done through several sessions

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The treatment of moles is done through one or more sessions

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Condyloma Acuminatum or Genital Warts with some sessions

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Atopic dermatitis or Children’s rash Treatment with herbal

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Skin burns by providing complete regeneration, protection

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All our products are without side effects and are recommended

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Client’s Testimonials!

“I am one of your numerous patients on which you have done wonders, with your surgicalless and laserless treatments. I had a problem with some moles in my face, which were multiplying. After a few treatments they disappeared completely, I don’t have any scars and I didn’t get them back. This is why I want to thank you immensely for the patience and great work you have done for me.”
“You are wonderful! We are fortunate to have doctors and people as good and humane as you…”
“Dr. Laver Stroka will forever be remembered for his proffessionalism and competence. His work is known and cherished from Tirana, to Prishtina, to Vienna. His legacy is passed on to his daughter Dr.Aferdita Stroka, as well as his talent and work ethic..

She is the epitome of integrity and virtue and a perfect example of how every doctor should be!”

Afrim FerhatiCustomer
Kastriot MyftiuCustomer
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Stroka Clinic – Alternative medicine without radiotherapy and surgery

Treatment of Skin Cancer (Wounds that do not heal for a long time), Moles, without Radiotherapy, without surgery, but with herbal solutions. Treatment and recovery is done through several sessions performed at this clinic.

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