All our products are without side effects and are recommended to be used by all categories, including children 0-18 years old, pregnant, breastfeeding, the elderly and patients suffering from chronic diseases due to their herbal content. The products will be used from the description of the treating physician!


Skin Cancer

a-Basal Cell Carcinoma

b-Squamous Cell Carcinoma

c-Malignant Melanoma

With a long experience since 1977, when Dr. Laver Stroka was graduated from the Faculty of Medicine to continue the tradition started by his grandfather educated in Alexandria and to pass it to his daughter, Dr. Aferdita Stroka. Skin cancer treatments are done through several sessions of herbal solution application on the damaged area. This solution acts only on tumor cells without damaging healthy tissue. After the elimination of damaged cells, skin regeneration is stimulated which leads to the closure of these lesions.

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