Treatment of skin cancer with alternative medicine method



The age of the patients varied from 9 to 99 years old. Diagnosis was established based upon the signs and symptoms, dermoscopy and biopsy. The treatment period varied from 1 to 6 months, depending on patients’ regenerative abilities. On average, the treatment period was 2 months until complete healing of the lesion and consisted of 7-10 sessions as recommended by the treating physician and depending on the tumor mass characteristics. Because it is an open medication, since the first sessions, we could see a shrinkage and reduction of the cutaneous lesion size, up to the total disappearance of the lesions at the end of the treatment. At this point, the treatment with NILS was interrupted, because the natural layers breakaway ended, and the process of regeneration of normal skin started. Once the treatment period ended, the patients were advised to be under control on a regular basis for a period of 3 years. Keywords: skin cancer, diagnosis, treatment, medicinal plants, alternative medicine.

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